How to use Cloth Diapers in Summer

Babies have very soft skin. When you use disposable diapers, while they might seem light weight and airy at first, really aren’t. Keep in mind that once peed in, disposable diapers essentially turn into a giant gel pack. It makes baby feels uncomfortable and also skin infection.

Cloth Diapers

  1. Eco-friendly, budget friendly, and more natural for your baby’s delicate skin than disposable diapers.
  2. Different style and also more comfortable for your babies.
  3. Cloth Diapers, although often covered with a non breathable outer, fit more generously and require changing more frequently keeping baby cooler.

On summer time your baby is going to show off their little bum with cute prints. There is no need to change your diaper according to the season.You can use any cloth diaper like pockets, AIO, Cover, Fitteds, Flats, Prefolds, training pants….

Pocket Diapers

Pocket diapers have an outer shell made from polyurethane laminate (PUL). It’s a popular material for reusable diapers and diaper covers because it’s 100% waterproof but also trim fit without a lot of bulk. 

  1. The pocket diapers with a PUL layer never had a problem, even in the summer time.
  2. PUL layers aren’t usually a problem for most babies because the diapers are getting changed frequently. change the diaper every 2-3 hrs. 
  3. 3.For the absorbent of the diaper, go with cotton, hemp or bamboo insert for natural breath-ability.

Use natural fabrics-organic flats, Prefolds, Fitteds,organic inserts. Use flats/prefolds with diaper cover.


Use organic cotton AIO (SmartBottoms and Thirsties brand diaper). Organic cloth diapers are the most-natural option available for your baby. Made completely from plant-based materials like cotton, hemp, and bamboo, organic cloth diapers provide superior performance when it comes to absorbency and are ultra gentle against baby’s delicate skin.


Wool is natural and breathable, fleece wicks the wet off the skin. Wool covers are also wonderful in the summer since they breathe and let evaporation take place.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is common at any time. The heat can increase the diaper rash, so take extra steps to make sure your baby isn’t dealing with added irritation.

Diaper rash that happens from wet diapers left on too long .Diapers that are too tight or too small can also cause red rash. change the diaper frequently.  When changing your baby, clean the area and give diaper free for a bit let them air out and cool off.

During summer laundry is easy and dry very fast. This is especially helpful to get rid of stains. Just leave them in the sun, and watch the stains fade.

The summer is a great opportunity to use your swim diapers. Any pocket diaper without an insert works well as a swim diaper.

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